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Dead First Responders Deserve A Grand Jury

The Second Stage of Grief is Anger When I think about the recent tragedies in Boston & West, Texas I am moved to a few comparisons. The Boston terror attack by two killed 3 and wounded more than 140. Hunting … Continue reading

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The Pedigree Laws, Where Are My Emergency Drugs?

The "new" Pedigree law requires that specialized records be maintained and provided for all drug purchases. A drug pedigree is a record of every company and/or person that handles a drug at any time from the day it was manufactured … Continue reading

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Forgotten, As Usual

For once I’m going to write something not for Paramedics, they already know these facts. Today’s Blog is to everybody else who is not in EMS (Emergency Medical Services). In America we cherish our Police Officers, because they Arrest our … Continue reading

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