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A Better Portable Oxygen Bracket

The ZICO QR-D-2 from Ziamatic Corporation is a snap-in oxygen bottle bracket that solves a big storage problem for EMS. It quickly secures your portable oxygen cylinder. They have models for both vertical and horizontal storage. Most existing cylinder holders reply on thumbscrews … Continue reading

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Helen Gurley Brown’s Contribution to EMS

Helen Gurley Brown was the longtime editor of Cosmopolitan. She passed away this last year. One of the things she is known for is her love of Crisco as a skin cream. It was the one thing she always carried … Continue reading

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Hot New EMS Products for 2013

There is some great new technology we will soon see in EMS. Several of these new products are real game-changers. AIRBEAR One is the new AIRBEAR from BEAR-iatric, Inc. This innovative product helps make moving aeromedical bariatric patients more comfortable and manageable. More

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