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Dead First Responders Deserve A Grand Jury

The Second Stage of Grief is Anger When I think about the recent tragedies in Boston & West, Texas I am moved to a few comparisons. The Boston terror attack by two killed 3 and wounded more than 140. Hunting … Continue reading

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NFPA Helmet Standards and EMS

NFPA has created science based standards for firefighters world-wide. They have done more to save responders lives than anyone else. The problem is some of the safety equipment they advise for EMS is really fire & rescue gear. When EMS was young they … Continue reading

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For those like me, that have seen FOAMed recently on social media, but  like me were afraid to ask what it means (Free Open Access Meducation) There really is nothing new. Like Evidence Based Medicine. We used to call this The Scientific Method. … Continue reading

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First EMT-1 Helmets Arrive

After years of work the first shipment finally arrived. This  week has been a seemingly unending reminder of why Paramedics need helmets built for what they do. EMS providers run into danger everyday. It isn’t as dramatic as this week all … Continue reading

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Drones for EMS

The Drone, UAV or UAS (unmanned aerial vehicle, or unmanned aerial system) has become an essential piece of military technology. It could also offer great benefits to public safety. The obvious uses are Police and Border patrol, but new smaller … Continue reading

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