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CPAP is for Much More than just CHF

I just wanted to note some of the more recent developments in Pre-Hospital CPAP. I have heard numerous anecdotal references about the utility of CPAP on COPD. Several times, I have heard from clinicians who extol the virtues of combining low pressure CPAP with a … Continue reading

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Forgotten, As Usual

For once I’m going to write something not for Paramedics, they already know these facts. Today’s Blog is to everybody else who is not in EMS (Emergency Medical Services). In America we cherish our Police Officers, because they Arrest our … Continue reading

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Fiberoptic vs. Standard Bulb Laryngoscopes

I was recently asked to explain the difference between regular and fiberoptic laryngoscope blades. The real difference between fiberoptic and standard bulb style laryngoscopes is not really the brightness. The big difference is the focus. With a regular bulb, the … Continue reading

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