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My name is Dan White. I’ve been a Paramedic since 1978 and an EMS Instructor since 1981.

This blog is more written to Paramedics than about Paramedics. My focus is EMS product and industry news.

My EMS product designs include; the White Pulmonary Resuscitator, the first disposable one-way non-rebreathing valve, the first pediatric vacuum mattress, the Griffin Vest which was the first ballistic EMS vest, the Gator Airway and Trauma bags,  the Cook EMS Needle Decompression Kit, the RapTag Triage Tag & System, the AllMed Ultra-X and Element coats, the first paramedic AVC Helmet and more recent EMT-1 from B2 Helmets, the Prolite Speedboard, the Commander MCI & Safety Vest, and the AllMed Speedstrap, to name a few.

I can be reached at phillydan@hotmail.com

7 Responses to About

  1. Jamie says:

    My name is Jamie, I work with Union Springs Pharmaceuticals and the Clyns Brands. I am contacting you about doing a possible product review on behalf of the Clyns Brands Products. We have seen your blog site and think that your viewers would benefit from our line of products. We offer several different safety products to protect people like you in the line of duty. Feel free to take a further look at each of our unique products on our website http://www.clynsbrands.com. Please contact me at this email if you are interested in performing a product review. We are interested in your feedback and look forward to working with you.


    Jamie Wetherell

    Community Coordinator
    Union Springs Pharmaceuticals

  2. Brian Barker says:


    We use CPAP for various patients. All CPAP that I have seen and used are oxygen powered which sucks down a D, E, and M cylinder very fast. The patient is really not needing oxygen so much as needing room air to open the passage ways. I use a CPAP when I sleep and it really helps. So, why not an electrically powered (DC/AC) air pump to which you can control the PEEP and titrate oxygen and perhaps albuterol as needed? Does such an item exist for EMS? I have a CPAP that can run on DC and there are battery packs that will keep them operating for 4 – 8 hours. This seems like a viable option. Your thoughts.

    • phillydan says:

      Brian, I think it is because EMS patients tend to be sicker than folks at home using CPAP. In the early days of EMS CPAP I did see a couple departments make use of home-style blowers. You are correct, it is a viable option. But since then the quality and capabilities of many EMS CPAP devices has improved while the price has come down. We assume hypoxia is the enemy until proven otherwise. Perhaps that is why EMS leans towards those that deliver at least some oxygen.

      • Scott Lancaster says:

        This can be addressed, if EMS systems would carry full function ventilators. Expensive, sure, but less then some cardiac monitors out there today, and the flexibility to titrate Fi02, and pressure for CPAP / BiPAP or intubated patients, plus not having to BV-ETT for any prolonged length of time is well worth the cost. That’s if we want to do the best for the patients.

      • Dan White says:

        Nothing more true ever said

  3. David Denesowicz says:

    Dan, I found a Laerdal Stiffneck collar in the wrapper laying in the street today and thought about you! I hope you are not hiding out because you were real easy to find.

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