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A Good Partner is Hard to Find

I owe so much to so many great partners I’ve worked with over the years. Today I was thinking about one of the best, named Bob. Bob was an EMT back when Paramedics were still new. When we first started working together it … Continue reading

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Better Laryngoscope Blades for EMS

For many years the world of EMS Laryngoscopes has been a “flat earth”, with only two basic blade styles to choose from. Ask most Paramedics about Laryngoscope Blades and they will usually only know about the MacIntosh & Miller Blade … Continue reading

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New Backboard Strap System

The Spider Strap and its many imitators have a loyal following in EMS. The only problem is you need an advanced degree to be able to fold them up. The other problem with them is the hook & loop fastener … Continue reading

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