Ultimate Online Paramedic Refresher

DistanceCME.com is a great online training site. I have taken the EMT-P refresher class and really enjoyed it. It was one of the best of the 10 or so EMT-P Refreshers I’ve ever taken in about 35 years of EMS.

Ok, I’ll admit it. I have been in EMS do long I don’t really remember how long anymore. I don’t even know how many of these courses I’ve been through. Yes I could probably pull out my old certs but the truth is I’m enjoying the ambiguity. When you cannot remember how many times you have done something, you have probably done it a lot.

DistanceCME.com provides live distance learning courses, designed to provide high quality and convenient education for the busy EMS professional. Our classes meet the NREMT’s requirement for live learning. 100% online, 100% live.

Most courses on the web are pre-recorded and count for no more than part of the required hours toward your re-certification. At DistanceCME our Refresher Course is live and interactive. It not only meets all didactic requirements, it’s actually fun.

Imagine a program where everyone can interact with both the other students and the instructor. It’s just like a brick & mortar class, only on your sofa or in your bunk room. No more driving, no more lost work hours that really make you pay twice. I’ve even been in classes with SSM Medics, taking the class while sitting on a street corner post with their smartphones.

All 48 online hours can be applied toward your National Registry re-certification. This is the ONLY place on the web where you can find a live course taught be real live people with the true flexibility of scheduling to meet your busy schedule. For more information e-mail me at dwhite@distancecme.com. For details of my personal experience in the program check out my review here. 


About Dan White

I'm a retired Paramedic and EMS Instructor with 35 years EMS and emergency medical product experience. I love canoes, cars and EMS. I have written a lot about EMS Technology on the Paramedic Blog, the Insights on Innovation column for EMS1.com, on AmbulanceWorld.com and Multibriefs.com. I can be reached directly at 573-240-0002.
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