Zoll X wins FDA approval

Zoll Medical recently won 510(k) clearance from the for its ZOLL X monitor/defibrillator, a smaller, more powerful device aimed at the EMS market.

“We believe the X Series is a game changer for Zoll in the EMS market. We have the size and weight advantages that Zoll is known for without compromising features or functionality,” president Jonathan Rennert said in prepared remarks. “The X Series has every advanced monitoring and communication capability required by EMS providers and, ultimately, critical care transport operations.”

The X Series is described as about half the size and half the weight of competitive full-featured monitor/defibrillators, yet much more powerful and built to demanding standards for ruggedness.

Weighing less than 12 pounds (6 kilograms), the X Series is compact without compromise in capability, performance, or even display size. This monitor/defibrillator combines ZOLL defibrillation, pacing, and CPR assistance with advanced monitoring and built in communications.

The device incorporates the rainbow SET patient monitoring technology made by Masimo, as well as a non-invasive blood pressure measurement module made by Welch Allyn. Can you say Propaq BP, the best NIBP technology in the world?

There has been much in the news about Zoll Medical lately. There were sold only earlier this month to Japan’s Asahi Kasei. Zoll engineering combined with Japanese high-tech innovation could be a real powerhouse.

One big reason Medics want to get their hands on the Zoll X is the communications suite. Zoll has been quietly working for years on a full-featured EMS  telemedicine solution. The Zoll X can bring all the field medical data to base command. More than just an ECG device, or even a great defibrillator, the new Zoll X series promises to change the face of data transmission in EMS.

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