How to Improve Intubation Success

I’m going to share a few reasons why I think some paramedics have trouble performing endotrachael intubation.

I’ve concluded we really don’t want them to be very good at it. We don’t give them good training from experts based on sound fundamentals. We leave them to their own devices and then complain about the results.

It would be easy to fix. We just need to improve airway instruction and use better equipment following industry-specific best practice algorithms.

We need more clinical training from better airway instructors, like members of the anesthesia community. These are the leading airway experts, yet we have precious little exposure to them.

A good CRNA or anesthesiologist could take the average paramedic with a decent understanding of human anatomy from student to airway master in a few short weeks. I say weeks, not days. Continue


About Dan White

I'm a retired Paramedic and EMS Instructor with 35 years EMS and emergency medical product experience. I love canoes, cars and EMS. I have written a lot about EMS Technology on the Paramedic Blog, the Insights on Innovation column for, on and I can be reached directly at 573-240-0002.
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