New Emergency Products at EMS EXPO 2008

This year EMS EXPO was held in Las Vegas. The exhibit hall featured many innovative new emergency medical products. Here are my top new product picks from EMS EXPO 2008.


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  1. This year’s EMS Expo visitor was greeted by Physio-Control’s bold Lifepak 15 product announcement completely covering the Las Vegas Monorail parked outside the exhibit hall. It got even more exciting inside.
  2. One of the most advanced products at this year’s EXPO was the new Impact 731 Ventilator from Impact Instrumentation. The 731offers an advanced feature set yet still remains intuitively simple to operate.
  3. Also big news was some of the recent advancements in non-invasive ventilation. At the Flotec booth, attendees saw their new FloPAP Downs Flow type CPAP. The FloPac offers both user adjustable flow and FIO2, with fully adjustable PEEP – a first for any flow generator style CPAP device.
  4. A new flow generator from Pulmodyne was on display at the Bound Tree booth. The O2 RESQ is a completely disposable flow generator type of CPAP unit.
  5. Airon displayed their new demand-flow type MACS CPAP device. This intuitive non-invasive ventilator has a built-in pressure gauge and variable PEEP control for easily titrated pressure adjustment.
  6. FareTec showed their new adult and pediatric models of VacMat stretcher. Both are very high quality European style full body vacuum mattresses, with a rugged valve mechanism and durable construction.
  7. Emergency Products & Research demonstrated their new Full Body adult mattress and their vacuum splint line.
  8. The most interesting new vacuum mattress was the Air Stretcher from KSK Global of Japan. This evolution of the vacuum spine board also has a high-density polyethylene slide board attached to the underside. This product can also double as an evacuation stretcher.
  9. Hartwell Medical also announced they are now in full production with the new CombiCarrier II. The CombiCarrier II is a combination plastic long spine board and scoop stretcher. This second generation product has been improved dramatically. Now it is as light, thin, and as easy to handle as the very best plastic spine boards.
  10. Another interesting new development in EMS orthopedic technology was the SX 405 Fracture Response System from the Sager folks at Minto Development. This compact kit offers a dozen new ways to use the reliable Sager Splint components.
  11. An innovative new product was the new D.A.R.T. Pro stun gun needle extractor. This little pistol-gripped device safely pulls out and secures Taser needles.
  12. The Pentax Airway Scope was on center stage at the Ambu booth. This compact video laryngoscope offers a crystal clear color view screen.
  13. Another interesting product I saw previewed at EMS Today was the CRIC Cricothyrotomy kit. This compact two-stage illuminated instrument can both incise and dilate access for placing an emergency airway. Now partnered with Pyng Medical it’s ready for the US market.
  14. VBM Medical has refined and enhanced their street-proven percutaneous access airway to now include a cuffed tube with a flexible tip. For those familiar with the Rusch Quicktrach the new Quicktrach II could be a welcome improvement on a great product.
  15. Another great new airway product launched at our booth was the TruLite Disposable Laryngoscope. This is a completely disposable integrated blade and handle combination. The blades are polished stainless steel with a real forged tip.
  16. There were a lot of new bag designs. The bags that really caught my eye this year were the new designs from Conterra. Their new LS Response Pack integrates basic lifesaving supplies and an AED in a slim and all-day-comfortable hydration pack.
  17. They also introduced their new Flightline Packs, two very compact customizable aeromedical packs, and the new Jump II that marries fluid-proof SI-Tex fabric to a rugged aluminum center frame with a comfortable handle.
  18. Thomas EMS also showed their popular cases including their new Pediatric Pack. The Thomas Pediatric Pack organizes pediatric emergency supplies and equipment by patient weight.
  19. On the diagnostic side I saw a radically innovative sphygmomanometer. The statMAP from CardioCommand is a hand-held semi-automatic BP monitor.
  20. For disaster preparation EMS Innovations displayed a new concept in supply deployment. The new Relief Pod from Disaster Relief Systems is a watertight storage and deployment container for disaster supplies. They can be stacked, carried, and even float.

 Even though attendance was off, the vendor area at EMS EXPO had many new manufacturers, products, and technologies. Next year they will move the show to Atlanta.


About Dan White

I'm a retired Paramedic and EMS Instructor with 35 years EMS and emergency medical product experience. I love canoes, cars and EMS. I have written a lot about EMS Technology on the Paramedic Blog, the Insights on Innovation column for, on and I can be reached directly at 573-240-0002.
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