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Using Red Lights & Siren Only When Parked

What would happen if we just stopped running hot? Would anybody needlessly die, or would fewer die? I wonder about it a lot. We already know what the consequence are of running lights and sirens every day; ambulance accidents, and … Continue reading

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EMS & Transport Ventilators

My last great clinical save was a narcotic OD. It was good quality ventilation that gave this kid another chance. Using a BVM is one of the most difficult skills to master. It’s almost impossible with a BVM to accurately titrate therapy … Continue reading

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The Evolution of MCI Management

Modern concepts and methods of Triage and Mass Casualty Management have evolved a lot in recent years. What was once the simple act of patient sorting is today a refined science. Recent domestic events like Oklahoma City, 911, New Orleans, … Continue reading

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EMS Today 2007

EMS Today was an awesome Conference this year. I really enjoyed several of the sessions including AJ Heightman’s MCI Class, and the Safety Roundtable Discussion led by Rick Patrick. I also got to meet with a group of EMS Bloggers … Continue reading

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Tie Them Up or Run?

I was recently asked about restraining the combative or disoriented patient. The practice of patient restraint is one of the more dangerous things a Medic can be called upon to perform. It should always be very carefully considered, and even … Continue reading

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A Good Partner is Hard to Find

I owe so much to so many great partners I’ve worked with over the years. Today I was thinking about one of the best, named Bob. Bob was an EMT back when Paramedics were still new. When we first started working together it … Continue reading

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Be Polite and They Will Act Right

One trick I learned years ago, was how to better control a bad situation when everyone around you is showing signs of panic. I learned it from a great Osteopath who worked in a Kansas City ER many years ago. … Continue reading

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