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EMS Today 2007

EMS Today was an awesome Conference this year. I really enjoyed several of the sessions including AJ Heightman’s MCI Class, and the Safety Roundtable Discussion led by Rick Patrick. I also got to meet with a group of EMS Bloggers … Continue reading

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Tie Them Up or Run?

I was recently asked about restraining the combative or disoriented patient. The practice of patient restraint is one of the more dangerous things a Medic can be called upon to perform. It should always be very carefully considered, and even … Continue reading

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A Good Partner is Hard to Find

I owe so much to so many great partners I’ve worked with over the years. Today I was thinking about one of the best, named Bob. Bob was an EMT back when Paramedics were still new. When we first started working together it … Continue reading

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Be Polite and They Will Act Right

One trick I learned years ago, was how to better control a bad situation when everyone around you is showing signs of panic. I learned it from a great Osteopath who worked in a Kansas City ER many years ago. … Continue reading

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Lights, Sirens, & Speed

I have probably caused more initial friction with my new EMT’s over my driving preferences than anything else. I really hate lights & sirens, perhaps weird for a longtime Medic. Early in our getting acquainted, I request that we never … Continue reading

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Speak Out, EMT!

I’m fond of saying; “it takes at least one good EMT to keep a Paramedic out of court”. Like most great anecdotes, there is always truth in the words. Sometimes I see Paramedics talking down to their EMT’s.  I also see many EMT’s that … Continue reading

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Courage & Compassion or Dead is Dead

I have often heard Medics say things like “He was way gone, but we worked the Code for the family”, or “It was just easier to Code him and go, plus it’s always good to practice.” These are things I’ve … Continue reading

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What Happened to Ventilation?

Today’s EMS Providers still use the Bag-Valve Mask device, despite the many years of research which have conclusively demonstrated that it is a poor performing and difficult to use resuscitator. We keep using it even though it delivers low volumes … Continue reading

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Understanding Group Purchasing

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) were originally designed as a means of controlling healthcare costs and providing members greater economies of scale. The basic idea is to combine the buying power of members together to get better pricing. The US Senate … Continue reading

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I Still Have a Dream

My dream is about a new type of out of pre-hospital healthcare provider who cares for the sick and injured at home, work, or public location. The Paramedic Physicians Assistant, or PPA for short, could redistribute valuable healthcare resources. They … Continue reading

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